Date & Time

The workshop will take place on two consecutive Monday afternoons, on

Monday 6th of July 13 – 16 h CEST and

Monday 13th of July 13 – 16 h CEST.

The workshop will take place completely online, allowing you to join us from anywhere in the world.


We are looking forward to bring in different positions, connect with each other and facilitate exchange about this complex topic – in the workshop and beyond.

Day 1:

3 Stories on Sexuality, Ageing and the role technology does play and might play in this context
Shared work on utopias based on your interests and backgrounds: What are the changes we would like to see?

Day 2:

Presentation of the stories
Ways forward

Beyond the workshop

Join the discussion using #agesextech and share your insights of the workshop.
After the workshop is over we will further develop a zine in which to gather the stories and the main topics we discussed during the workshop, which will be distributed beyond the participants – and beyond.

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