Call for papers

We hope to have you join our virtual workshop on July 6th and 13th.

In this open and creative workshop, we explore how sexuality and ageing are related and which role technology and design could and should play in this area. While the question of how wellbeing can be achieved and furthered in later life has gained much interest by the HCI community, sexuality and intimacy is often left out of this debate. By giving into “ageist erotophobia” we risk developing technologies that do not fit into people’s lives and do more harm than good. We broke down these topics into five themes, but also encourage contributions beyond those:

1: Sexuality as (essential to) Care,

2: Changes to the Body and Sexuality,

3: Embodiment and Experiences of the Body,

4: Complications of Consent and

5: Sexual Orientation and Gender.

To be included into the workshop we invite interested participants to submit a position statement of minimum 250 words or 1 page visuals that expresses the researcher’s interest in the topic, for instance in the format of a theoretical argument, a case study, a design proposal, a fictional story; which can be expressed visually, using images or written text.

Deadline extended: To give people who might have heard about the workshop through the DIS website only recently, we have extended our deadline. Please send your submissions to agesextech(at}brifrischu{dot]de by the 19th of June. We aim to send out notifications by the 26th of June. If you cannot make this deadline but would like to attend, please do get in touch with us!

During the workshop we will examine our own (dis)comfort with the topic, explore the different perspectives everyone is coming from and which further topics this touches upon, before turning to storytelling as a means to share a positive research agenda and novel directions for design.

View our workshop abstract

Our workshop abstract is available here.

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